Donut Sundays at Casa Luna Ubud

Living in Bali for a month has allowed me to find out little secrets of this magical place and some of the cafes here. I live for doughnuts(hence my url. but also, donuts?). Like, I am obsessed with them. And I was lucky enough to find a place that served amazing ones… only once a week.

Casa Luna’s located on the main road in Ubud, Jln Raya Ubud. Living on Jln Hanoman, for me it was just a 15 minute stroll from home. I made friends with this girl living there and she told me I absolutely HAD to try the donuts here. So on Sunday, I went on an adventure to find this place.

casa luna ubud

The cafe had such a bright fresh vibe to it. They had a bunch of flavours that day, making things really hard when I had to make a decision. They had raspberry ones, salted caramel, vanilla, chocolate. I ended up going with Nutella and a chocolate covered one with vanilla cream (why have one when you can have 2?)

casa luna ubud donuts
with a coconut latte because why not?

THESE DOUGHNUTS WERE AMAZING. They were so fluffy and the filling was surprisingly light. Even the nutella one. I mean, when I think nutella, I think of that rich heavy spread but this one wasn’t as heavy. It was perfect. Airy, light and very generous with the cream stuffing.

Freshly baked every Sunday morning, it is definitely a good way to start the day. I would highly recommend this place if you’re in Ubud on a Sunday!

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