Chiang Mai vegetarian food guide

Oh, Chiang Mai. What was supposed to be a three week long holiday ended up being two months long. I loved it. Everything from the people to the temples to the overall peaceful chill vibe of the place. It is also a vegetarian & vegan food paradise.
I visited a ton of places to eat while I was there (2 months is plenty of time to EAT ALL THE FOOD!!) but these would be my top 5 picks.


acai bowl cashew nut green tea latte

We visited this place a couple of times. The first time was mainly because it was pretty close to the place we were staying at but we ended up really loving it. It was the only place in Chiang Mai that I managed to get an açaí bowl at! It doesn’t have the biggest menu but everything we tried ended up being really good. They also do cashew nut milk (my first time trying that!) which you can sub in your coffee or smoothies. The green tea cashew nut latte was pretty great too.


coconut shake vegetarian

We found this beautiful cafe in the old city while walking around and getting lost in the various little streets. Its a tiny little place with such a homey vibe and its hidden behind some bigger cafes but it’s worth hunting down for. Everything we had was so fresh and this place had, hands down, the best coconut shake i’ve ever had. Try it. You can thank me later.

3. Food4Thought

salad avocado fries oatmeal vegetarian brunch

I LOVE THIS PLACE. I spent so many late mornings here having brunch in their garden cafe. Sitting around with my friends having amazing coffee and such delicious whole food. The owners of this place have a few cats and kittens and they are the friendliest and most loving bunch. Their food also never fails to impress me with the freshest ingredients and there’s always so much love in the air over there. It’s hard for anyone to feel anything but love when you’ve got playful kittens trying to jump up on your lap for a little cuddle! (Also, AVOCADO FRIES!!!!)


Khao Soi 

fermented mushroom sausage

Located behind quite possibly one of the most gorgeous places in Chiang Mai, Wat Suan Dok. EVERYTHING from this place was amazing. Their vegetarian khao soi was so good and so was their vegan chocolate cake (we were actually leaving when we saw this cake and had to sit back down to share a slice). But what really won us over was this dish made of fermented mushroom which was out of this world! You literally have to take a bit of everything on the plate in a mouthful and sit back in awe as all the flavours come together and have a little taste buds party in your mouth. SO GOOD.


anchans anchan

My favourite place to eat in this city. The flavours in every dish here is mind blowing. I’ve been here so many times and it has never failed to impress me. Their menu changes weekly and it is always filled with amazing dishes. It’s so comforting and reminds me of a home cooked meal. Lovely place, friendly staff and great food. What more do you need really?


These are just my top 5 places to eat but Chiang Mai is a place you would be spoilt for choice. Cafes and restaurants at every corner that caters to vegetarians, it’s hard to not fall in love with this place. It definitely takes the crown as my favourite city in Thailand.

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    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me sttirgha.

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    I can’t wait to visit Chiang mai. Great post

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      when do you go? i hope you love it, one of my favourite places!

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